The film industry's favorite lip brush with a long side edge to give an easier sign writer sweep along the lip line for perfectly smooth lip lines.  When not in use it can be stored in it's own full metal jacket.

Best Seller & The Professionals Favourite Lip Brush (The Full Metal Jacket)

A long-sided Taklon lip brush suitable for use with the sign-writer's technique of letting the long edge deliver a smooth lip line. It has a generous point to create neat corners. 

In my experience pointing a brush straight at the lip line creates more potential for 'wobble'.  Drawing the brush along is much steadier.  Try it!  You'll be amazed at the difference! It is an industry favorite after 10 years and many make-up artists swear by it and regularly stock up. I named it after the film I did for Stanley Kubrick, "Full Metal Jacket" because it has a metal jacket like the round of the same name.

Cleaning and Care: Made of Taklon it is a durable man-made fibre and easy to clean with your own shampoo.  Rinse well, press out water, put into shape and leave to air dry.  Be careful not to bend back hairs when returning it to the jacket as this will ruin it's performance.  Clean the jacket regularly with a cotton bud.