Socket shader and mini powder make-up brush for perfectly matched, even blending above and below the socket line and apply minimal powder in the T-zone.

Socket Shader/Mini Powder Brush

This Socket Shader is designed to blend both above and below the socket line simultaneously while you create your intense socket line with the tip.  This enables most socket lines and blending to be done in only 6-8 sweeps - with little or no other blending required.  It's a fail safe way to make smokey eyes too.  It can also be a mini powder brush for around the nose, mouth, chin and other 'hot' spots.

Cleaning and Care: This brush is made of animal hair and is more delicate than Taklon but still easy to clean with your own shampoo - be gentle and condition it as well.  Rinse well, press out water, put into shape and leave to air dry.