A Make-up Class Girls(12-16's)-LVH-31/3/18 (1pm-4pm)

A Make-up Class Girls(12-16's)-LVH-31/3/18 (1pm-4pm)

EASTER HOLIDAY EVENT!   Why not kick off the Easter holidays with a fresh look at your make-up?

A pop-up 3 hr make-up class offering the opportunity to brush up on make-up application techniques with top tasteful tips from an experienced film industry professional.  Try out ideas you've liked but haven't tried or mastered with a professional who has worked in fine detail with many well known actresses. 

This class is specifically for girls age 12-16 years.  To be held at LVH on 31st March.

Places are limited and only bookable on this web site in advance. BOOK SOON to avoid disappointment.  At the moment, this is the only event planned. 

The venue and class info will be confirmed after payment. 

Class to be taught by local 3 x BAFTA nominated, Feature Film and TV make-up designer Christine Allsopp with 1 class assistant.  You can see Christine's work in film and tv at www.christineallsopp.com and IMDB.COM (the international movie database).

Doors open at 12.15 for registration and settling from 12.30 for 1 pm sharp class start.  Class finishes at 4 pm, 30 minutes is allowed for further tidying away.  We must vacate by 5pm.  We will have our make-up brushes available for viewing, trying and purchasing, but we are happy to help you work better with your existing tools.   

Doors will close at 5 pm. 


The Fresh Face, including skin prep and concealer, (please see the note below on what to bring).

Concealing spots and blemishes confidently and quickly, (birthmarks & scars by special arrangement), without applying an entire foundation.

Concealing Rosacea.

The Fresh Face Foundation - types, what suits, application.

Eye-make-up - getting the best from a little make-up and how to push it a bit further for a party look.

Eyeliner - will it suit your eye's.  Finding the best shape and flick for you.

Softening eye pencil above and below at the same time for a smokey eye.

Brows - how to follow your own facial anatomy to create a soft flattering brow without dense colour, hard lines or corners.  If you have a brow kit bring it, and you'll be shown how to use it differently.  This will be a fresh look at natural looking eyebrows, leaving the 'slugs' outside where they belong.  You don't see our finest actors wearing heavy, unnatural eyebrows. but their brows have often been shaped, brushed or emphasized in some way because it is a key feature and look best when balanced with the rest of the make-up rather than 'stand-out' feature.

Touching on blusher/contouring/highlighting.

The point of this class is to show participants how to apply their make-up more naturally and effectively with the option to max it for an occasion.  Once mastered, the principles of brushwork, blending and accenting techniques will be useful for life.  Emphasis is on learning the value of "Less is more", (a phrase we often use in film), because we in the biz understand the golden rule that the actor should wear the look, (the make-up), not the look wear the actor. It's the same in life. 

Just To be clear, this is not a class to promote the use of even more, or too much make-up.  It is a class in which you will use your existing make-up collection and tools and for sharing hints and tips so participants can explore fresh ideas.

Class size is limited to 20 participants.  Places are bookable on a first-come, first-served basis.  All 20 places are bookable here by your preferred means of payment. 

Cost £45 payable with booking in advance.

When you receive your confirmation email/receipt, please print it off and bring it with you as proof of your place(s).  You will also receive a reminder email a few days before the venue re-confirming the venue address inc post code, start and finish times and items to bring.

This course is for 12-16 yr old's only, for fun and personal use and is not available to those wishing to train for professional purposes.

Preparation and Things to Bring: Visuals (reference pictures), Mirror, your existing make-up bag and products and freshly cleaned, dry make-up brushes. Participants will find it useful to bring their cleansing routine and moisturiser please and a fresh towel, as they may need to clean off during the class.

To make the best of this class participants should bring hard copy images of make-ups they would like to try; hard copy is easier for sharing, discussion and show'n'tell, but images on phones for one-to-one moments are OK. Phones may be used to photograph your own work and friends.  PLEASE NOTE: it is not permitted to record, photograph or film Christine while teaching, this is a private lesson for those in the room.  At the end of class, if there is the inclination to have a group photo then those who wish to participate can feel free to go for it!

Participants should also bring along your own make-up and whatever make-up brushes you have (freshly cleaned and dry), and portable make-up mirror (with battery powered light) so we can workshop how well they are working for you and ensure you are getting the best out of your current products and set-up.  We do not sell make-up at this event, but Christine will demonstrate some of her favourite products that are available at High Street stores.  We will have Christine's own line of make-up brushes available but there is absolutely no obligation to buy and we encourage best use of your existing make-up kit. 

Good make-up brushes are an investment and we've proof from their use in the West End that ours can last years, even when used every day and evening if properly looked after, they also add refinement to your look with better blending when used skillfully.  In the class you can use your existing brushes, which may be working great for you, but we can supply our make-up brushes to try'n'buy on the day at a 20% discount - strictly for class participants only.  We can also supply OSCA make-up cleaner soaps (subject to availability on the day of the course).

Early birds can view and buy our make-up brushes before the course between 12.20-12.50.  We have a Paypal card reader, (chip and pin or contactless) - we don't take credit cards or keep any card details, or there's always cash and we can email a receipt within 24 hrs.

Although samples will be available to try out in class, we do not undertake to make available a full set for each participant.

If you are making a purchase of a make-up mirror we recommend the Globrite 20 or 22 LED  Touchscreen table top vanity make-up mirror as it offers good illumination and clarity, (available from various outlets online from £12.00 plus P&P with optional magnifying mirror).  By all means bring your mains powered mirror light, but it may mean you are tethered to the side wall of the space.  For safety, we need to avoid a spaghetti of extension leads and trip hazards.

H&S note - For Health and Safety reasons, any brushes tested during class with product must be cleaned thoroughly by the participant and checked by a facilitator before sharing. 

We strongly advise against sharing any make-up.  Any sharing of make-up is done so at the participant's own risk.

Refunds - 75% of the cost of the lesson is refundable up to 72 hours prior to the start of the class and must be made in writing to info@makeupbrush.co.uk. Refunds will be made to the card or method used for payment.  Once the participant has registered at the course venue they will be deemed to have attended the lesson and we regret no refund can be made.

Cancellation - In the unlikely even that we are unable to provide the course, even at short notice, for any reason whatsoever your payment will be refunded in full.  No further compensation or costs will be given. 

Prompt and safe collection of participants - We take the safety and care of our participants seriously which is why our staff are CRB checked (advanced).  We have time agreements with the venue to respect so please let us know if you are going to be delayed at the end of the course. There will be an emergency mobile number to call, but please be aware that we will still be teaching.

By booking onto this course you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

We hope that covers it!  But if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us at info@makeupbrush.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

And finally we hope you have a fun, relaxed experience with us. 

If you'd like to see some of christine's work in film and tv you can visit IMDB.COM and enter her name or visit her online portfolio at www.christineallsopp.com

The key is to feel good and Enjoy!