An eye liner brush which holds it's point even when loaded for perfect eye lines and flicks.

Fine Eye Liner Brush

Designed to hold its shape while carrying sufficient product to apply perfect flicks and eye liner in just a few strokes.  Once evenly loaded, this brush impressively holds a neat point and according to the pressure you use a consistent width to apply even eye lines. Following on from the success of the Eye Liner brush I had a finer tipped one made for even thinner eye liner work and finer points. 

Can be used individually or as a team with the Eye Liner brush.

Cleaning and Care: Made of Taklon which is a durable man-made fibre and easy to clean with your own shampoo.  Rinse well, press out water, put into shape and leave to air dry.  Be careful not to bend back hairs by letting it fret around loose in a make-up bag or box as this will ruin it's performance.