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Thank You's


It is astonishing what can be achieved with the kindness of strangers … and friends.

I would like to thank the following friends and colleagues:

During the process of bringing this project together I embarked upon a very steep learning curve. Although I had many years experience at the 'coal face' of film-making, and these were the skills I knew I would draw upon to make the films for the Make-Up Room; bringing a new brand to market was a lot more of a journey than I had anticipated, (but then isn't any learning experience), and it continues to be so. When facing the challenges of acquiring the new knowledge and skills required to birth this business, I have been blessed to receive your encouragement, expertise, creativity, and generosity. It is truly amazing what we achieve when we assist each other to manifest our dreams.

Sadly it's true to say that sometimes in business people seek to obstruct you in your dream, for whatever reason they feel is appropriate; but, with the help of kind people who share your vision and a spirit of generosity, you can overcome and succeed beyond your imaginings. And guess what? We all get to feel good and create even more positive outcomes and so the positive effect ripples outwards.

So, in order of involvement/appearance thanks to:

Emma Croft (Actress, Bikram Yoga Teacher), Lori Rosenwasser (Branding Consultant and the first model for this site), Louise Plowright (Actress and champion encourager), Cynthia Houston (Writer), Karolina Bostrom (Friend), Frances Ireland (Store Owner), Brandon Bays, The Journey and Grace (Human Potential Movement), Carol Marples-Kemble (Friend and fellow Journey Practitioner), Rebecca Sherlaw Johnson (Kinesiologist), Colin Yamamoto (IT Coach), Tanya Moody (Actress), Zahne (Model), Nina Sosanya (Actress) and Nicola Schindler at Red Productions (Producer of 'Casanova' who gave permission to use stills from that production for this site). Maurice Nathanielz, who kept me on the road, Kevin Wise my accountant, David Malin, AKA the human MRI, and Jonathan and Ed at Flow Images, Bristol who shoot the product photography for this web site.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Anne Reid who's timely comment while making her up one day made me 're-member' my potential. Thank you also to Olivia Williams, Emily Joyce, Stephanie Leonidas, the management at "Wicked", and Ellen O'Grady for their extraordinary generosity and permission to use their testimonials on this web site.

I should also like to give credit to Richard Scott and Ralph Davies of Anteris Consulting for their commercial and legal advice and guidance, www.consultanteris.co.uk