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Spoiling your make-up?

Are you spoiling your make-up by using your fingers?


You know what I'm talking about, where you rub your finger on the surface of an eyeshadow or powder, but the make-up won't pick up. This is usually because the oil on your fingers, from previous use has hardened the surface of the powder preventing it's use. It's a kind of reverse of the effect of using powder to set foundation, small amounts of grease will set powder.

Either that, or you have literally polished the surface with some other smooth applicator, such as a cotton bud and 'packed' the powder, again, preventing it's use.

These techniques of picking up product is in direct conflict with the nature of how powder should be used, which is why brushes fit for purpose are used by professionals because the tip of each hair in the brush helps pick up product cleanly and apply accurately.

Only use your fingers, (if you must), to apply gels, fluids or grease based products, and refrain from then dipping your fingers in powders. They don't mix!! Don't use fingers for powders, use clean make-up brushes. Cotton wool can be used, but it's a challenge to get an accurate result.