In the last 10 years we've received some wonderful testimonials from customers, make-up artists, actresses, singers and performers.  Here are some of their comments and feedback about our make-up brushes.

Celebrity compliments ....

Here are some messages from professionals who use our make-up brushes in their work and from a couple of the men who have purchased them as gifts. These messages are reproduced with their kind permission:

"The Make-Up Brush Company - Perfect Size, perfect shape, everything you need where you can see it, and the brushes are professional quality - THANK YOU!"

Olivia Williams, Actress (see Olivia's IMDB listing here)

"The Make-Up Brush Company's brushes are so firm and soft. They're beautiful to use. And the make-up case is unquestionably the most practical, successful one I've ever had. A perfect shape for your handbag. I bought 4 of them and gave them to my friends."

Anne Reid, Actress (see Anne's IMDB listing here)

"This make-up bag is such a welcome addition to my kit and the brushes are fabulous!"

Sian Phillips, Actress (see Sian's IMDB listing here)

'Choosing the brushes I was going to buy felt like being a kid in a sweetshop! There was no doubt that I'd buy them in the gorgeous pink and eventually I just had to buy the whole set, including the pink bag! Since then I have enjoyed putting my make up on every morning and it became even easier with the brushes so nicely labelled. I highly recommend these to everyone. What a fantastic buy. Thank you Christine!!!!xxx'

Stephanie Leonidas - Actress (see Stephanie's IMDB listing here) You can see the lovely Stephanie in action in the TV series "By Any Means".

"Dear Chrissy, I wanted to let you know how wonderful your brushes are still!  You know I've had them for 5 years now and each time I wash them they come up as good as new, they really are amazing!  They don't moult, they hold their shape well and still work beautifully.  It just goes to show that when you look after make-up brushes as good as yours, they really do last and are worth the investment."


"I used to think any old make-up brush would do, and then Christine showed me brushes with purpose and how kind and effective they can be. Because of their unique shapes they are the best brushes I have ever had the pleasure of using, 'pleasure' being the operative word. The socket shader is a must."

Louise Plowright, Actress (Donna in "Mama Mia", The Prince Edward Theatre, London)
see Louise's IMDB listing here)

"As a busy actress I have had these brushes on tour with me for most of last year and now I will not be without them, they are quite simply superb, just like the lady herself. Christine’s passion and dedication are evident in this product, I feel privileged to have worked with her and now honoured to take a little of her expertise with me."

Susan Louise Jinks - Actress

"I am convinced that this bag will become something that people 'in the know' will talk about in hushed tones. Whenever I open it I expect to hear a chorus of angels. I would love to present all of my friends with one of these bags just to hear their gasps of pleasure. Not only that, but the brushes are bl***y brilliant and they didn't moult all over my face on the first use like so many others do."

Emily Joyce, Actress, (see Emily's IMDB listing here)

What can i say. Basically i have never used makeup brushes before, which is strange as i am an Actor. I always thought they would be time consuming. But no, not at all! I am really enjoying my brushes, it was a good investment. I can wash them at any time. As an older woman they are gentle on my face. I believe in the power of the Brush!

Ellen O'Grady - Actress (see Ellen's IMDB listing here)

Thanks from the boys ...

From the beginning of the Holidays through to March, a month after Valentine's Day men make up 40-60% of our customers.  I was very surprised when I noticed this trend.  Whether they discovered us for themselves or were steered to us by their beloveds, it doesn't matter, they too have been very appreciative of our products and service - especially the occasional resourceful and speedy delivery.  They're also rather partial to the gift wrap service when it is available.  Thanks chaps!!!

'Buying make up brushes as a Christmas present for my fiance I did not really know what I was looking for. However I found the site so easy to use, Christine was so friendly and helpful and to top it off there was a special offer for free gift wrapping at the time I ordered. A mans best friend! '

Mr N Chambers, Northants - a Christmas customer
Order placed 4th December, received 7th December

I just wanted you to know that I gave my partner a set of your make-up brushes on Saturday for her birthday.  She is absolutely delighted with them - and the information on the web site.  You have made me look very good, by helping her to look very good - great product - great service.  Thank you.

K. Scott, Leicestershire 

"Hi Christine, Many thanks for the speedy, very professional service and attention. Have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again, Tony"

Tony D - a Christmas customer
Order placed 14th December, received 16th December

I received my order, thank you very much for the prompt delivery it is much appreciated, Have a good Christmas,

Mr. M. Harris, Bradford, England, regarding delivery for Christmas

I am moving abroad soon and can only take essentials with me. I found your website on the internet. It has every make-up brush you can think of and i ordered 6 brushes and a pink make-up bag to keep them in. It will hardly take up any space in my suitcase but will have everything i need to put my make up on. I particularly love the colour of the brushes. It was posted immediately and and came in lovely packaging.

Thank you...........

L. Blake

Customers have said ...

"I ordered the makeup bags to make as gift for my friends and family as after so many years, I still find your makeup bags to be the best size and shape for usage."

Grace, North York, Ontario, Canada:

"I use Christine’s brushes everyday”

Lori, Branding Consultant.

"Of the many brushes I have bought, the one that comes out every day is the eye-socket shader. Thank you Christine"

J. Darshan, Oxford, Property Developer & Model.

"I use my brushes every day, and now I don't know how I'd do my make-up without them."

Karolina Bostrom, Burford, a Mum.

"Brilliant! The socket shader and the way Christine showed me how to use it has made my make-up routine really quick."

Frances Ireland, Retailer, Mum and Beauty Therapist.

"I had a wonderful time with Christine, her friendly and relaxed attitude, coupled with her obvious passion for her work, made our time so interesting and gave me confidence to use the brushes myself. Thank you so much Christine.

Mari Cheeseman who works for The Ministry of Defence.

Dear Christine, 

I am very happy with my make-up brushes.  They are very soft to use and I love that there are different types of eye shadow brush and they have different uses so it is easy to contour and shadow your eyes.  I just wish you did a large powder brush!


We have since  created Connie's Supersoft Blusher Brush


The brush set arrived this morning, I am thrilled with the service and love the quality of the brushes, thank you.  Even the packaging is superb. 

Thanks again for the excellent set and service, I've never had anything so luxurious and I managed to put on powder eyeliner with the chisel brush with no problems at all - a first for me!



Fellow make-up artists have said ...

"I have to tell you Christine, how I love my brushes and the make-up bag; it makes my life so much easier. I have also received quite a few compliments and have given out your website address."

Louise McCarthy, Make-up Artist, New York (see Louise's IMDB listing here) who bought a set for her own personal use.

"McCarthy make-up Artists are truly delighted to be able to work with the finest tools in the business. The Make-Up Brush Company has produced a quality and standard in their brushes that enable professional make up artist 's to perfect their craft. We highly recommend The Make- up Brush Company to people who are serious about getting the best quality and results from such excellent brushes."

Joanna McCarthy for and on behalf of www.mccarthymakeupartists.com (see Joanna's IMDB listing here)

All testimonials are posted permission of the individuals concerned - Thank you all very much for your appreciation.