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Why Us?  Why Our Make-Up Brushes?  So What?  WIIFM?


When you buy make-up brushes from The Make-Up Brush Company, you are buying into a set specially designed by our Founder and Chief Make-Up Artist Christine Allsopp.  Here are a few words from Christine ....

"My name is Christine Allsopp and I am a make-up artist for film and TV.  In the course of my work, many women (and men) have asked me for tips and techniques, as well as specific advice; so I thought I should share my expertise with more people.  And, probably like you, I was fed up of buying brushes that were overpriced and failed to produce the right effect - so I designed my own.  Trust me - they're exactly what you need.

So why are they unique?  Because they are you doorway to a professional, secret world.  If you buy one of the brush sets you will receive a password which is exclusive to you.  It gives you access to my own private make-up room at www.themakeupbrushcompany.co.uk where you will see women of all ages and colour using my brushes and techniques to their best effect.  In the privacy of your own home you can watch, copy, learn and adapt your look with professional make-up advice.

Come on-line and join the rest of us - we'll be very pleased to see you there.

Christine X

The Professional touch is a light touch

Fingers and sponges are a clunky way to apply make-up, often leading to a thick finish of obvious make-up.  Cheap brushes can moult and scratch due to chopped ends and over-sized brushes simply apply way too much product.  If you have a little hard patch in your favorite eyeshadow, it's probably due to finger application - this deposits oil in the powder which sets it hard and renders it useless.  Although it is important to buy products that are most suitable for your skin and style, it's how you apply them that makes all the difference.  Advertising would have you believe it's all about the product, but without good application, you might be saying - "It doesn't look good".

For example, our Foundation brush holds together when loaded to give you sheer, beautiful results, our lip brush is specially designed to give you smooth, wobble-free lip lines, and our Eye liner holds it's shape beautifully when loaded to make eye-lines so much easier.  Some of our professional customers have two or three for fear of being without, they have come to like them so much.  For the home user or make-up enthusiast, our sets have been designed to give you really useful teams which, if looked after, will last for years to come.

Soft and kind - In cheaper brushes you will see the edges are chopped, causing hard edges which can feel sharp and even make your skin sore.  The bristles of our brushes are laid to optimum design for each purpose and give delicate yet effective results, as you would expect if you are working on actresses and models.

Soft yet effective - Where softness is required they are soft for blending and when firmness serves better, we have chosen firmer materials.  "When you have to deliver quality work efficiently yet delicately, it's essential to have the best tools, whatever profession you are in, and that includes that of being a make-up artist".  For this reason we can confidently say our product is being used by numerous professional make-up artists working on productions shooting on location and in studios the U.K., LA, New York and Australia.

Refined design - Our make-up brushes are refined tools that support sparing, effective use of make-up. Over-sized brushes can encourage too much make-up to be spread about making sheer and polished results less manageable. Our make-up brushes are perfect shapes and sizes that help your make-up routine become minimalist and therefore more efficient. 

Not necessarily Sable Though Sable is often uttered in hushed hallowed tones to imply superiority, in our experience Sable is not necessarily the best material for all make-up brushes.  Modern materials such as Taklon can be far more durable than natural hair and less prone to losing condition.  Some make-up techniques can be achieved without having to use natural hair, and as a company we consciously choose in this direction whenever possible.  However, some functions still require the use natural bristle which does not necessarily include the need for Sable as a lighter fluffier fiber is best.  That said - it is a myth that these modern fibres are cheaper than Sable.  As most of the cost of a brush is in the process of putting the fibres in the ferrule without chopping, transport and duties.  It is unrealistic to expect artificial brushes to be much cheaper than Sable.  

Not goat! Our brushes are not made of goat as we know goat hair can smell quite unpleasant when the bristles get wet.  In our experience there are other, better bristles, some man-made which are less fragile and give longer lasting performance to your brush.

Odour free - As our brushes are not made of goat, when you wash or clean our make-up brushes, they will remain odour free and come up beautifully if you wash them as we show you how in our FREE video.

Mixing style and function - our make-up brushes are stylish and practical. When seen on Christine's make-up place, on set, in dressing rooms, make-up rooms and location busses, powder rooms or when brought out from handbags, they almost always provoke comments of delight and compliments. For those who feel a bit diffident about the purpose of each brush, the function is printed on the practical short handles, though, in time you might modify how you use them, that's what being artistic is all about.

Handmade - Our make-up brushes are beautifully handmade. For softness it is the tips of the bristles are laid to our custom shapes and the base of the hair is chopped before being put in the ferrule. If used and cared for correctly they can deliver consistently positive performance for years.

Thoughtful teams - our make-up brush sets are not only beautiful, but incredibly practical. We have assembled three teams to make your make-up simpler; The Core Set, to enable you to achieve the most commonly used techniques for a regular day make-up quickly and efficiently, and no messy fingers!

A Few Key Brushes?

Eyes only or the works?

Some women find they are very aware of the feeling of make-up on their skin and choose to go without foundation as a result. Minerals have been marketed very successfully as an alternative on this basis, as many women find them light to wear. There is nothing nastier than cakey, thick make-up. Skin should be able to breathe and the people to whom you are speaking should be looking at you not your overdone make-up, (and they'll rarely tell you).

Make-up brushes help keep all make-up light and sheer, enabling much less product to be used more effectively. Contrary to outdated myths, feature film requires the thinnest of make-ups and pared back realism. This is even more so with high definition.

If you choose just to wear eye make-up you might choose to buy just the Eye pencil softener/blender and the Socket Shader. With just these two brushes you can add softened definition for light daytime wear and with additional product or darker shades, more dramatic smokey effects as shown by Lori in the Eyes section of The Make-Up Room.

The residue left on the brush you used to soften your eye-liner can be used to balance your brows.


For those of you who only make-up your eyes we have assembled the For Eyes Only set which will make short of any eye make-up ...

... and in The Principal Set you have a variety of brushes that will meet the enthusiasts curiosity, help you achieve many effects quite straight-forwardly.

The Make-Up Brush Company is committed to moving the range to the most environmentally friendly, sustainable options - Wherever possible our make-up brushes are made from synthetic materials most suitable to their purpose. In our experience some purposes such as Foundation, Lip, Eyeliner, Chisel brushes perform as well, if not better in Taklon as in Sable. Our philosophy is to choose the material that most suits the purpose of the brush and as far as possible make that a choice towards the use synthetic materials. This choice, by the way, is not necessarily cheaper, nor is the process of making the brushes. No animals are harmed to make our brushes, where animal hair is used it is as a by product of the fur industry.

The handles of our brushes are made of Natural Birchwood from CITES approved wood plantations. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is a global treaty whose aim is to ensure international trade of listed animals and plants is legal and based on sustainable use. The wood plantations re-grow the trees that are used in these handles.

A few words on how important it is to have team players -

Have you ever bought an extensive set of make-up brushes and found they just sit in a drawer, near-by, but never used? Have you ever wondered why you couldn't get on with a make-up brush or a brush set? Did it occur to you that perhaps it was not a true set? Though called a make-up brush set, perhaps it did not have the brushes you needed.

"There was a defining moment when I was thinking about setting up this company when I was browsing a high-end fragrance store and I saw a woman pick up a beautiful leather case with 4 make-up brushes in it. She went for the case, she wanted to buy it, but when she opened the case and looked at the brushes and felt them, a fleeting but 'I'm mystified' look came over her face, confusion fluttered briefly in her eyes and she put the item down, the desire to buy disappeared. Curious to see what had caused this play of expression I went over to the item and did the same. I realised in an instant, that she'd been looking at a 'set' of brushes that was not a set per se, it was not a true team. Yes, it looked expensive and desirable, it was high quality leather manufacture, but the contents were not a set of practical make-up brushes. I wouldn't have bought them either. Make-up brushes are purposeful not generic. Once you understand what each shape and material can achieve you possess The Secret of beautifully applied make-up, the rest, the products you use is just a matter of good taste and choice." Christine Allsopp - our Founder

Quality is key when using make-up brushes professionally, your tools have to perform reliably. It's impossible to say a hair will never break off or come out of our make-up brushes, however in our experience, having worked with them on some of the most intensive schedules, it is extremely rare. If looked after our make-up brushes will serve you well and last a long time. It's also worth noting that our product stands up to high-quality photography, which is true to the product. Just click on the image below to see an enlargement.


Our Foundation Brush


More in depth positives On Shapes and efficiency

Make-up brushes should have bristles that suit the purpose. Sounds simple, and it is when you are practiced in the correct tension for a bristles particular purpose. For example a Foundation brush needs to have firm enough spring to deliver foundation thinly and quickly, pressing the foundation to blend onto the skin rather than just sitting on it, which is what can make make-up look thick and unappealing. You shouldn't have to press hard, the make-up brush shouldn't become a limp dishcloth when carrying make-up, it should do the work elegantly for you. An eye-shadow brush, needs to be soft to work effectively around the eyes, but not so soft it is ineffective and forces you to spread the hairs by pressing too much, nor chopped so it would make the eye area sore.

To this end, our make-up brushes are made to optimum characteristics for each and every job and we continue to work on improving the line to translate what I know instinctively as a professional, to a brush that helps the casual user do a good job easily. In essence this is the philosophy behind The Make-Up Brush Company's brand of make-up brushes. There are so many make-up brushes available that it can get confusing, leaving the end-user feeling frustrated and lost. The Make-Up Brush Company offers a tried and tested team of brushes that the customer can trust and enjoy!

How a true team was developed

"On a production I Chiefed at Pinewood Studios in the early 1990's, on which I was making up 3-4 women in 1950's make-up every morning, I noticed that although I had a huge roll of make-up brushes, I found some shapes in particular most useful; Foundation, Concealer, Powder/Blusher, Socket Shader and Eye-liner. I began to think of them as my Core Set. When I needed to achieve more detail in my work, for example for 1950's wet eyeliner, or a softer powder liner, a blended pencil or a lip shape, I included another 4 preferred brushes which enabled me to work quickly and effectively." Christine Allsopp

When you're getting actresses ready for the set, you need to be quick and effective in a calm and efficient atmosphere without it even appearing to be so. Focused progress rather than work-stopping chit-chat is the order of the day. So choosing brushes that are harmonious with your way of working is essential for high performance and efficiency. Your make-up brushes need to be positive and compatible with the way you apply make-up, blend and accent your work.

On the Core Set

To help you get started more easily we have put together an effective best selection of 5 make-up brushes. If you have found some make-up brush sets incomplete or confusing, try this one! You'll never look back. The Core Set of 5 offers real performance and value.

The value of elegant efficiency as opposed to scattered fluster

"The values I have honed in my work are as applicable me as to anyone's daily approach to their make-up. To work in a fluster is not good for the work and certainly not good for an artist, (by that I mean actor/actress). To work in an apparent fluster does not, contrary to general acceptance of behaviour, prove you're achieving more, better, or even quicker.

To perform well at this work, any work, it is essential to be organised and focused having already thought your work through beforehand. It is essential to support yourself thoroughly by having the right tools to hand that enable one to work quickly and accurately, making every brush-stroke or action count. To meet the ever shortening time targets, and to achieve the artistic expression and requirements of my artists (and myself) I tightened my artistic discipline. If a brush-stroke wasn't going to count, then it shouldn't be done, it would be a waste of a few seconds and seconds build into minutes. A more effective way of working was born. My artists liked that they got un-divided concentration on how they looked and how their look was building to completion. After all, actors have their work to think about, their dialog, the points of their character arc they will put on film that day, so having touched base and landed on the same page for the looks you'll be working on that day, it is professional to let them get on with their work and you get on with yours and you work together in an organic way when it feels appropriate to do so." Christine Allsopp

On our commitment to quality

We were very happy to find a manufacturer who was happy to work with us to the level of detail to which we aspire.  Together we are designing Christine's 'perfect' professional line of make-up brushes.

Our experience: Professional make-up is not about applying a lot of make-up, It is about skilful application of minimum, well-chosen product with quality brushes and know-how. Maximum effect with minimum product is the key to effective minimalism, or as many of the finest actresses we've worked with quote, "Less is more", after Ludwig Mies van de Rohe's aesthetic tactics on architecture.

The Socket Shader

You don't need rolls of make-up brushes, In our experience it's far more productive to use a few well-made make-up brushes with real expertise. Expertise is simply a skill anyone can cultivate in themselves with applied practice and honest (yet kind) observation of your improvements and achievements. Growing your expertise in any area is a good and fun habit to cultivate in life as a first choice in how you take yourself through learning.

When practiced lightly in a spirit of adventure your learning will become a fun gift to yourself and this kinder attitude will move you into success so much more quickly. Enjoy!

Our Make-Up Room is available to customers (with broadband and Quicktime) who make qualifying purchases as detailed on our Products Page.

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