Care of your brushes

Good make-up brushes are an investment.  If you care for your make-up brushes, treat them well and clean them when necessary they will last for years and will be a pleasure to use. 

Here are a few tips on keeping your brushes in good shape.

  1. Do not let them languish about in your make-up bag all loose to get rubbed up the wrong way and misshapen.  A pencil case or a make-up bag with loops, (like ours), is ideal to ensure the brushes you use often can travel with you in style.
  2. Clean your brushes as often as common sense tells you. 
  3. Check out the 'Cleaning and Care' section for each brush and you will see ALL can be cleaned with your own shampoo and conditioner, saving you the expense of buying special cleaners and carrying around unnecessary product.  The reason I suggest 'your own' shampoo and conditioner is because if you use it on yourself without any reaction, then it is unlikely you will have a reaction to the cleaning product on your skin.  Simple common sense really.
  4. DO NOT RUB BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS WHEN CLEANING - THIS WILL RUIN THE BRUSH.  Cup your hand and circle the brushes around gently until the lather shows no colour - rinse and repeat until this happens.
  5. Rinse your brushes well to ensure no cleaning product remains.
  6. Press out water between a tissue or a towel - be firm but do not rub.
  7. Shape the brushes out on a tissue or a towel and let to air-dry. 
  8. NEVER USE A HAIRDRYER TO DRY BRUSHES.  If you need to accelerate the drying process over the air-dry method - then put in a warm place where it is safe to do so. I use my airing cupboard or the shelf ABOVE a radiator. 
  9. NEVER put brushes on a radiator - it will mess both up!!