The Make-up Brush Company

The Make-up Brush Company was founded in 2005 by second generation, 3 x BAFTA nominated make-up artist Christine Allsopp.  It's hard to imagine, but in 2005/6 mostly only professional make-up artists or performers used make-up brushes.  Christine felt there was room for improvement in the make-up brushes available, especially for home use which was not so usual then as it is now - and you could say her intuition was visionary because she was the first film make-up artist to launch her own bespoke brush line. 

Since then others have picked up on the idea and followed suit, make-up brushes are now big business and as important a part of our every day make-up routine as the make-up products we use. 

"Make-up trends and products are many and they come and go, but a good set of make-up brushes will ensure you can apply make-up beautifully - always."

Christine was the head of make-up and hair is "Funny Cow" starring Maxine Peake and a distinguished cast of solid, British talent. The film is distributed by E-One Entertainment and opens in 60-100 UK cinemas in spring 2018, from April 20th in fact.  

"It's a film I was able to be passionate about as it offered such a lovely opportunity to create looks for 4 decades, 1950's-1980's but also to work for the third time on the lovely features of Maxine and such a talented cast telling a good gritty story about a strong woman in a man's world."

Christine has worked in film and tv since the early 1980's and has been around the film industry all her life, since a baby in fact, as her mother, Connie Reeve was a distinguished make-up artist from the 1950's-1980's working on epics from "The Tales of Hoffman" to "Gandhi".

This heritage instilled not only a deep affection for the industry but pride in ones work and the same goes for our make-up brushes - they HAD to be good, ideally the best. 

Welcome to our modern classics!

A bit more about Christine's heritage in film:  Christine's mother, Connie Reeve and two uncles were make-up artists in feature films since the golden years of the 1940's, between them stacking up an astonishing 100 + credits in film and TV.  Christine has over 25 years experience in film and TV and 60+ credits.  The company who works with us in manufacturing our make-up brushes has been in business for over 100 years.  We both know our stuff, take pride in our craft and are around to stay.

For you the customer 

We have supplied professional quality, competitively priced make-up brushes to fellow make-up artists working in the industry.  Our make-up brushes have been purchased for 2 Bond films,"Skyfall" and "Spectre", for the team of "Endeavour" and many other globally popular film and tv productions.

Actresses, performers, celebrities and happy customers have enjoyed our classic make-up brush line since 2006 and the key designs have not changed much, because they work, simple as that. You don't need loads of brushes, it's confusing and makes the process take too long.  With Make-up Brush Company brushes, you can be assured that you are buying a team of uber professional make-up brushes that work well together.

Based on her 25 years experience as a make-up artist, Christine designed each make-up brush to improve how she could apply make-up more efficiently and precisely and the company with which she works used their expertise to come up with the best materials for the job.  Contrary to popular myth, good film and tv make-up is more about applying as little as possible to best effect - not plastering it on - (and we have found that many men agree).  The company has been supplying fellow make-up artists, actresses, performers, celebrities and happy customers ever since.

Our story - my family in film  Connie Reeve, (Christine's mother) and uncles Harold (aka "Fletch") and Gerald (aka "Jerry") Fletcher were chief make-up artists working at Shepperton Studios on some of the most creative and iconic pictures of their time including "The Tales of Hoffman", the original "Moulin Rouge", "The Innocents", "Georgy Girl", The Face of Fu Manchu", Jess Franco's "Count Dracula", and later in the 70's "The Persuaders" and lots more - between them they have over 100 feature and tv credits.  (credits verifiable on www.imdb.com).

A childhood on film sets  Christine visited films sets often as a child.  She was cast as  "Baby Walker" in the 1963 version of "Swallows and Amazons" on which Connie was the chief make-up artist, (it featured Susan George in one of her early roles).  Christine would be an extra when the opportunity arose as on "Take a Girl Like You" (starring Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed) and "Barry Lyndon" (starring Ryan O'Neil and Marissa Berenson).  (more experiences below ....)

Early days as a make-up artist  Christine followed in her mother's footsteps becoming a make-up trainee/artist in the early 1980's after a doing a stint of daily work on the original "Clash of the Titans".  One afternoon Connie sent her over to visit Ray Harryhausen's workshop - it was an extraordinary priviledge to see him at work.  A few years later she got her break with a contract as a make-up assistant/artist on the much acclaimed BFI supported "The Draughtsman's Contract" (Peter Greenaway's first feature).  Then work started to flow and she worked as a trainee make-up artist on "Return of the Jedi" for the legendary Stuart Freeborn and his son Graham, and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" as a junior make-up artist on Tom Smith's team.  Christine studied with not just the best, but legends.  She then went on to chief her own first feature at the age of 24 ("Party Party" for Terry Winsor) and in 1985 "Full Metal Jacket" for Stanley Kubrick.  She has over 60 of her own credits - (credits verifiable on www.imdb.com) and was Make-up and Hair Designer on "Funny Cow", to be released in spring 2018.

This heritage instilled not only a deep affection for the industry but pride in ones work and the same goes for our make-up brushes - they HAD to be good, ideally the best. 

Christine has 3 x BAFTA nominations for "The Woman in Black (1989), "Casanova" (2007) and "Margaret Thatcher the Long Walk to Finchley" (2009)

BAFTA_Logo_Best_Make_up_"The_Woman_in_Black"_1989                 Best_Make_up_and_Hair-Design_2005_"Casanova"                

(The BAFTA logo is permitted here with kind permission in acknowledgement of Christine's nominations.)

In the 10 years that I have been supplying my colleagues I am proud to say they have become considered to be some of best, if not the best eye liner brushes and lip brush available, especially the full metal jacket version.  They are very well established needing little explanation and have proven themselves to be a durable and excellent investment.

They are designed as a small efficient group to enable you in the best brushwork techniques to apply make-up, just like a professional at the top of their game.  Based on my many many years of experience applying make-up in every imaginable style, I designed each make-up brush to apply make-up efficiently and precisely as possible.  With the improvement of HD and SHD/4K they have proven very useful in meeting the very exacting requirements of the industry's shooting formats.  There's no point in having ideas or vision if your tools won't help you get there effectively.

Why our brushes?  In 2006 there was room for improvement in the make-up brushes available to professionals. Eye liner brushes at the time were too floppy when loaded, lip brushes were too finely pointed to enable a good sweeping action and some blusher brushes were just too big to enable refined or specific contouring and foundation brushes often split, no matter how little product you used, sending you on a wild goose chase of going over your work to lose the split marks.  I wanted more precise and efficient brushes so I designed my own. With the help of an incredibly professional and talented man and his team, my vision was realised.  Each brush is clearly named for it's use, (though by all means be creative and adapt them to your own preferred method of use).  The brushes are made to last and with the proper care will last for years, as proven by my dear late friend Louise Plowright who used them every night of her long run in Mama Mia at The Price Edward Theatre in the West End (her testimonial is on the Testimonials page).  These make-up brushes can give you a "professional finish" by holding their intended shape by not folding on you or 'splitting' when in use.  I couldn't be happier with each and every one of them.  I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do.

In the theatre  Louise Plowright, one of the Grammy nominated Original Cast members, as Tanya in "Mama Mia" proved the longevity of our brushes by using them in her role as "Donna" which she performed for a run of 5 years - she was one of our biggest fans.  They were also supplied to the original West End cast of "Wicked". 

In film we supply top professional make-up artists and the biggest, most iconic brand of feature films including two Bond films "Skyfall" and "Spectre".  We supplied 7 of the Full Metal Jacket Lip Brushes to "Skyfall" and more to the make-up team on "Spectre".  It was on "Skyfall" that Norma Webb asked me to make an adaptation of the Foundation Brush to her specification and it is available now as "The Norm".  At this level of working in the industry, you have to have confidence in your make-up brushes to deliver with a comfortable touch and doe their job effectively and accurately.   When the cameras film roll after your final checks, you have be able to trust that they are moult-free.  Final checks are about your artis and it's important to be calm and efficient - you cannot be 'worrying' about hairs being left behind on your artists face for their close up.  As you have confidence in your checks so the artist has confidence in their appearance as you have left them.  That trust is a good feeling as you walk away to see the work committed to film.

Our customers are great teachers. I have enjoyed connecting with customers of all ages from all over the World, from a young lady in Croatia who was just learning how to do her make-up and would email me photos done with my brushes to a 70 yr old lady who wanted to brush up her image for a special occasion and was so pleased with the results she continued to use them long afterwards.  She found make-up brushes were much kinder to her skin and enabled a much prettier finish.  I was surprised to find that between October and March men make up 25% of our customers as they purchase for their loved ones especially at Christmas , Valentines Day and Mothers Day.  Our make-up brushes have been shipped to happy customers in and Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States, The Windward Isles, Northern Europe and Canada and we can deliver wherever a signed for service is offered by the Royal Mail.  Couriers are possible POA by email.

A gift to remember  Our brush sets make excellent gifts for Christmas, birthday's, Valentine's, Mothers day, anniversaries, for bridesmaids as well as the bride, they're a long-lasting, lovely souvenir of a special day - and for the giver a lovely way to be remembered on a regular basis.  Perhaps that's why we've found men like to give this kind of gift, it's very personal.  (See testimonials from our gentlemen customers on the Testimonials page.)

Order now and I look forward to sending your order within 48 hours, when possible I send them the same day.  I am located in Oxfordshire, England and this is from where the brushes are dispatched by Royal Mail Signed For or Special Delivery.                                 

(A childhood on film sets continued....  I would often visit the studios as a child, particularly Pinewood where mum worked for a year on "Space 1999", where I would wander around the empty sets early in the morning or at lunch time when they cooled down in the summer.  She also took me to see the filming of the Ballroom scene in "The Slipper and the Rose" and I was hoisted up onto shoulders to see the dancers in all their lovely ballgowns.)

You can see more of Christine's work at her online portfolio www.christineallsopp.com 

She is a full voting member of BAFTA and has served on 4 "Best Make-up Design" juries, including 2016. 

Enjoy all there is to enjoy!