Pointed pink foundation make-up brush, springy and silky for sheer split-free application

Foundation Brush - Pointed - "The Norm" - Norma Webb's requested design

This pointed foundation brush is firm yet silky for sheer application of creme or liquid foundations and the tip can be used for concealers.  It's split-free when loaded so you don't have to go over your work again and again to lose brush marks.  It is moult-free, I've never ever, in doing 100's of make-ups known this brush to split or a hair to fall out of this very well-made brush. In fact, if I've ever mistreated one of my foundation brushes and a hair irritatingly sticks out to the side I can't pull it out, not even with tweezers, I have to carefully cut it off.

The point was a request made by  feature film make-up artist Norma Webb.  IMDB her and you'll see her amazing credits.

The pointed design came about as Norma and I stood on the set of "Skyfall" and I asked her to feel free to make suggestions on our make-up brushes.  She's a careful lady and so she thought about it for a while then said she would prefer a foundation brush with a slight point to reach into corners that other foundation brushes could not reach.  I took her point.  So on a whim I said if I made it could I name it after her, to which she agreed.  So there it is - It is called "The Norm".

Cleaning and Care: Made of Taklon it is a durable man-made fibre and easy to clean with your own shampoo.  Rinse well, press out water, put into shape and leave to air dry. Some customers have shared that they are so well made they have lasted more than 5 years. Definitely a good investment.