We're established 10 Years !!! Coming soon - buy in just 2 clicks on Facebook!

We're 10 years young this year!!  And a big thank you to all those who are still buying our make-up brushes 10 years on.  Since the first web site was built for MBC in 2005/6 e:commerce has changed unrecognisably.  Today it is so much more trusted and powerful; so powerful that you will soon be able to buy our make-up brushes in 2 clicks on our Facebook shopping channel from your mobile phone.

I've been getting to grips with Google Analytics, e:marketing and sales channels.  It's quite the adventure.  Then hopefully packing my kit for a feature starting in October.  I can't wait to pack my own set of make-up brushes and start the next production!

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"David Brent - Life on the Road" release

August 19th sees the release of "David Brent - Life on the Road". 

I worked on the picture, my artist was Jo Hartley, David Brent's 'love interest'. 

She had a nice subtle character arc from not very made up at the beginning of the film to making more of a statement when Brent returns from tour - and of course I used my make-up brushes on Jo. 

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Happy Days!!!

The Make-up Brush Company has a brand new web site and home! 

Welcome to our new online store optimised  for desk tops, lap tops and mobile phones to make browsing and buying quick 'n' easy.  We also have a monthly blog which will be short and sweet.  Don't you just LOVE a fresh start  ;-)

Welcome all new customers wherever you are in the World and welcome to the faithful, we know where you are ;-)  At MBC we like to think we do "noticing", especially our customers and their preferences.

We hope you like the clean, crisp, minimalist style, easy navigation and check out experience! 

If you are new to The Make-Up Brush Company we hope you will come to love the make-up brushes as much as long-time and loyal customers and colleagues.

You'll see the familiar team of make-up brushes established 10 years ago, with one or two additions including Connie's Supersoft Blusher Brush which is a copy of one of Christine's mother's favourites, (for those who don't know, my mom was also a hugely talented film make-up artist of some iconic feature films in her day -you can IMDB her, Constance Reeve and in her dotage (she is now 93 years young) she gets a % of the ticket price of 'her' blusher brush)

Please enjoy all there is to enjoy and feel free to send in constructive, courteous feedback.  We endeavour to address all points in this monthly blog.  info (@) makeupbrush.co.uk - (just remove the spaces and brackets - it's written here like this to preven bots and spiders spamming us)

Feel free to make suggestions for blogs, send products for review and Top Tips to share.  We'll be posting some of my own.  

Thank you,   Christine

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